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I am wondering if there are any other homeschool families with a similar issue. I was married to a man years ago who was abusive and dangerous. I removed myself and our child from the situation with the end result being divorce and full legal custody being awarded to me. He has no legal rights to our child. This was 8 years ago, and he has been stalking us since then. Again, I should reiterate that this is a very dangerous person who has thus far avoided prosecution for various crimes in several states. Last winter he learned where we were living. A state agency gave him this information, despite the fact it was supposed to be "confidential", even being told of the danger he possessed to us. We moved halfway across the country and now are safe again. Homeschool laws in my new state, Nebraska, require notification, copies of birth certificate, and permission from both parents. Though I am aware they sometimes waive that last requirement, there is no law allowing it so a state official could change his mind at any time-or even attempt to contact my ex without permission. Obeying the laws would put my child and myself at risk, yet not doing so puts us at risk from social services. Has anyone else struggled with this, or know someone who has? Or maybe has some ideas?

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