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Having seen some of the videos on here of some scary altercations, and with "Wherever possible extract yourself from given situation if at all possible", has anyone got any cycling-specific tips for those instances where violent defence is the only option? Obviously nobody's going to be stupid and suggest carrying any offensive weapons or any other law breaking. If anyone happened to be wearing mtb gloves when attacked, the fibreglass knuckle protection looks quite handy. Similarly if people suffer from muscle ache and carry deep heat spray, I read that it can act like pepper spray.
My multitool is pretty heavy at 275g, and I'm not sure I need anything more than a 5mm hex key and a screwdriver. Not sure I'd ever be in the situation where I'd have put a screwdriver in my pocket instead of the multitool, to be honest.

Any help will be apprecited.

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Thank you.
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