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Security of health care workers, and particularly staff in emergency rooms, is the responsibility of both the hospital and the state said experts at a symposium on Violence in Health Care Settings at Aga Khan University (AKU). Health care workers need training in how to communicate and provide attentive care to anxious patients and their families as well as to recognise that violence in the workplace is not acceptable and should be reported.
Violence in hospitals is on the rise in Karachi, with health workers exposed to assault, physical and verbal threats and hospital property open to vandalism. According to a survey of over 380 doctors and emergency room staff at four tertiary care hospitals in Karachi, over 70 per cent had been verbally abused and 20 per cent physically assaulted within the last year. According to Dr Muhammad Baqir, Assistant Professor, Department of Emergency Medicine, AKU, who conducted the survey, almost 43 per cent of the people who had faced threatening behaviour or physical abuse, reported that weapons were used. It also found that physicians with less work experience were more likely to face workplace violence because, usually, they are the patient’s first point of contact. Dr Baqir pointed out that to reduce the chance of such behaviour, hospital staff must be trained in recognising the signals of impeding violence, resolving conflict and managing assaults.

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